I make sculpture, structure, installation and painting informed by architectural forms and processes. The way humans encounter the scale of buildings and the ways in which we perceive and respond to architectural space are key concerns for me. This is not purely focused on architectural building but also on the context; the environment and landscape and the symbiotic relationship between structure and site.

Architectural construction techniques also have an impact upon my practice - notions of structure, shelter and permanence are factors in my work. The materials I use are important to me: building materials have a particular physicality and form a relationship to their surroundings unparalleled by traditional artists resources. In my current work I am reforming construction materials collected from my parents home into a series of small sculptures. As well as opening a dialogue between architectural and sculptural forms, these materials have personal significance, referring to my father’s architecture practice and gardening fetish. In these, I consider shelter and habitat, my place in my family, memories and how we capture things.



2013                  MFA: 2, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle
2013                  DEN, TIC Space, Newcastle
2013                  Genius Loci, Ex Libris Gallery, Newcastle
2012                  Creating a Context, Neon Gallery, Bologna, Italy
2012                  Room With A View, Long Gallery, Newcastle University, Newcastle
2012                  MA & other Postgraduates 2012, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset
2011                  My Family & Other Animals, Moot Hall, Hexham
2010                  Interim, Waygood Studios, Newcastle
2009                  Hatton Gallery Open, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle
2008                  Pencil to Paper, Artworks galleries, Newcastle
2008                  Monkeys with Car Keys, Bargate Monument Gallery, Southampton
2007                  Bow Open ’07, Bow Arts Trust Studios, London
2006                  Bow Open ’06, Bow Arts Trust Studios, London
2006                  Nonagon, The Tram Depot Gallery, London
2006                  Lost in Space (Part i), Three Colts Gallery, London
2005                  Not Quite Here, Seven Seven Contemporary Art, London
2005                  Untitled, African Embassy, London
2004                  Media Centre Winter Exhibition Media Centre, London
2003                  Things Which May Appear, The Empire Gallery, London
2002                  Art;Ex; Googe Street Exhibition Space, London
2002                  Hans Brinker Prize Exhibition, Kerkstraat 136, Amsterdam

July 2013           TyssenKrupp Steelworks, Duisberg, Germany
March 2012        Creating a Context, Neon Gallery, Bologna, Italy
January 2013     Bartlett Travel Scholarship (Newcastle University)
                        Funded travel and research project to New York, USA

2013                Master of Fine Art, Newcastle University
2002                BA(Hons) Fine Art, University of Reading